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I’ve decided that August is going to be a month where I want to challenge myself and be productive, so I’m going to try the ”draw something each day” thing haha. I’m not sure if I want to keep a theme or if I’m just going to be randomly sketching, but I’m sort of excited anyway :>


wanting to draw things but not having the energy to put effort into drawings


My sparkly sparkly Elsa drawing makes me want to sow a cosplay with loads of glittery things on it now -u- but Elsa is already like 5% of the cosplay community already so I’m struggling to find something more original but equally glittery. Suggestions anyone?

Elsa wip.The sparkles….my fingers can’t with all the sparkles

Elsa wip.
The sparkles….my fingers can’t with all the sparkles

Old drawing

Old drawing

I’m sorry but legit problem

I’m sorry but legit problem

Izumi Nase, 7, please! :D

Sunset scheme ‘v’

Nui Harime 11

This was fun, Nui is a bitch witch

Can you do number 4 and the link from legend of Zelda pretty please!

I’m sorry this is so hard I totally messed it up ;A;